Harshit Kedia

Harshit Kedia

Web Development | Machine Learning
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I am a student at Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, where I am pursuing my BTech in Computer Science and Engineering. I am a full stack web developer and technology enthusiast. I am also interested in Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning, and pursuing courses for the same. I am currently the Associate Technical Head at Association for Computing Machinery (ACM-VIT). I love to build things, specially which solves a problem of society. I would love to hear from you.

personal information
Harshit Kedia



professional skills
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery 95%
PHP, SQL 80%
NodeJS 70%
Python 70%
C++ 80%
Java 70%
frameworks known
React - Redux
Jekyll, Sass


  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM-VIT)
    Associate Technical Head (May, 2017 - present)

    ACM is a leading students' chapter in VIT. I am a part of this chapter for 3 years. I have worked on several projects in ACM. As the Associate Technical Head, I supervise the Technical activities in the chapter - technical projects, events, workshops, and mentoring the members.

    Developer | GCI'17 mentor (September, 2017 - present)

    FOSSASIA is an open source organisation. I participated in their codeheat contest and I am contributing to the organisation since then. It has a vast number of projects going on. I was selected as the Google Code-In mentor at FOSSASIA.

  • Google Developers Group (GDG-Vellore)
    Web developer (Feb 2017 - present)

    GDG VIT is an esteemed developers' group in VIT. I have worked on various projects in GDG and had the opportunity to interact with professionals.

  • Winuall
    Front-end developer (May, 2017 - present)

    Winuall is a startup focused on helping students with their preparation for IITJEE. It provides a platform for students to get their doubts answered by experts. I worked on their new website, and a Learning management system for the use of coaching centers and students.

  • National Cadet Corps (NCC-VIT)
    Corporal (May, 2015 - Nov 2017)

    VIT NCC aims at developing character, pride, discipline, a secular outlook, the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst young citizens. I have took part in various cultural activities, training camps, and social cause.


Chrome Extension for writing SCRUM

This Chrome extension helps in writing Scrums in google groups, particularly related to FOSSASIA. It automatically fetches and filters data from github API.

Riviera 2018

Riviera is the Annual International Sports and Cultural Carnival of the Vellore Institute of Technology. This is the official website of it.

VIT Cab Share

Many people go to Chennai or Bangalore Airport by taxi during vactions. This website allows users to search co-passengers for sharing the cab thus saving them the taxi fare. It has helped hundreds of students.

Rice quality analysis

Classify rice grains by calculating their average length/breadth ratio by using Image processing in python.

Who is Free

A timetable management system for clubs and chapters in VIT. Any club can register all their members' timetables and then search for students who are free in a given slot.

Pravega Racing website

Pravega Racing is the offcial SAE racing team of VIT University. This is their official website.

Jaabaz website

Team Jaabaz represents VIT in BAJA SAE event every year. This is their official website.

Code 2 Create Hackathon

Code 2 Create is a hackathon hosted by ACM VIT every year. This is a complete web portal for registering, forming teams, and getting certificates.

ACM website

ACM VIT is one of the most popular chapters in VIT, which helps students develop their technical skills.


MyFFCS helps students to plan their timetables before the actual FFCS.

Marimuthu K website

Dr. Marimuthu K is a computer science professor in VIT University. This is his official website.

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